• With a potent mix of innovation, insight, and inspiration, Patrick H. Perrine is renowned for founding myPartner.com and leading Rincon Hill Advisors. His pivotal contributions to The Point Foundation and 500 StartUps showcase a commitment to inclusivity and innovative thought. Author of “Fail Fast, Recover Faster” and the “Be a Unicorn” series, Patrick’s mentorship propels entrepreneurs to leave a lasting legacy on their path to success.

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What I Offer

Tailored solutions for every entrepreneurial challenge.

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Mission & Vision

Guiding entrepreneurs through uncharted business terrains, Patrick's vision is to instill resilience, strategic acumen, and a relentless passion in every venture.


Overcome challenges with confidence, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.


Infuse your enterprise with unyielding dedication and zeal, driving innovation with a fervent spirit.


Arm yourself with cutting-edge tools and strategies to expand your vision and elevate your impact.


Yes, Patrick is visionary. Yes, Patrick has keen entrepreneurial spirit. He is thoughtful, creative and smart. The thing about Patrick is his charm and grace under pressure. This ability makes him a fierce leader, negotiator, and business force to be reckoned with. If you want to succeed, find a way to get Patrick’s ear.

Steven Spencer-Steigner

VP Qualitative Insights

He is an incredibly innovative entrepreneur. Patrick understands the need for visionary thinking to drive business results. Strategic and scrappy barely begin to describe Patrick’s ability to identify new business opportunities and deliver results.

Chris Sinton

StartOut Board Chair Emeritus

Patrick is a relentless entrepreneur adept at recognizing market opportunities and crafting strategies to bring targeted products to market. He possesses a rare combination of marketing savvy, strategic planning and execution that allows him to effectively deploy focused campaigns while not losing sight of the big picture.

Andrew Tilbury

CEO of Soho Advisors

Patrick is a visionary and energetic entrepreneur and leader. He possess a rare combination of big-picture thinking and keen focus on the steps needed to get there. He can rally and manage internal teams for performance and external agencies to execute his ideas. Watching him in action is amazing.

Christine Lehtonen

VP Business Development @ Seigel + Gale

Chart Your Course to Success

Each book is a beacon, guiding you through the tumultuous seas of entrepreneurship. Discover a compendium of insights, strategies, and stories within these pages that will invigorate your entrepreneurial spirit and crystallize your vision. Step into Patrick’s literary world, where your business aspirations are transformed into tangible successes.

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