FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

A blend of innovation, insight, and inspiration, Patrick H. Perrine is celebrated for launching myPartner.com and stewarding Rincon Hill Advisors. His instrumental roles in The Point Foundation and 500 StartUps highlight his passion for inclusivity and fresh thinking. As the mind behind titles such as “Fail Fast, Recover Faster”, and the “Be A Unicorn” series, Patrick continues to mentor and guide budding entrepreneurs, leaving an indelible mark on their journeys.

What unique perspective does Patrick H. Perrine bring to entrepreneurship?

Patrick combines a wealth of experience with a passion for innovation and inclusivity. His unique approach is shaped by 20 years of success and challenges, enabling him to offer tailored advice that helps entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of starting and growing their businesses.

What types of coaching does Patrick offer?

Patrick offers Executive Coaching, Life Coaching specifically tailored for entrepreneurs, and Board Advisory services. Each coaching stream is designed to address the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs at different stages of their business journey, from strategic decision-making to personal growth and team dynamics.

Can anyone join Patrick’s Inner Circle?

Joining the Inner Circle is an exclusive opportunity aimed at high-achieving entrepreneurs committed to excellence. Applicants are selected through a meticulous vetting process to ensure that each member can benefit from and contribute to the collective success of the group.

What is the “Be A Unicorn” series about?

“Be A Unicorn” is a 10-volume series that encapsulates the essence of what it means to stand out in the entrepreneurial world. The series offers insights, strategies, and inspiration to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate their journey with resilience, creativity, and success.

How can I purchase Patrick’s books?

Patrick’s books are available for purchase on our website. Simply click on the ‘Discover the Books‘ button to explore the collection and select the volumes that resonate with your entrepreneurial path.

Are speaking engagements with Patrick Perrine available for any event?

Yes, Patrick is available for a variety of events, including workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches. His talks are tailored to inspire and energize audiences with insights drawn from his extensive experience as an entrepreneur and mentor.

What is the Priority Option, and how is it different from regular services?

The Priority Option is a premium service designed for entrepreneurs who require immediate assistance and wish to expedite the process of joining Patrick’s Inner Circle or accessing his coaching services. It includes an accelerated evaluation and is a paid feature due to the rapid turnaround and personalized attention provided.

How can I apply for Patrick’s services, and what is the acceptance rate?

Applications for Patrick’s services can be submitted through our website via the ‘Apply Now‘ or ‘Book Your Strategy Session‘ buttons. Acceptance into Patrick’s services is competitive, with less than 5% of applicants being selected, ensuring a personalized and exclusive experience.

What kind of results can I expect from working with Patrick?

While individual results vary, you can expect to gain strategic insights, actionable advice, and personal growth opportunities. Patrick’s mentorship is designed to help you tackle specific challenges, refine your leadership skills, and position your business for success. Here’s are some testimonials!

How often does Patrick H. Perrine update his content and publish new material?

Patrick is committed to providing the most current and impactful material. He regularly updates his content to reflect the latest trends in entrepreneurship and personal development, and new books are published as part of his ongoing series to provide fresh perspectives to his readers.

How do Patrick H. Perrine’s books complement his one-on-one coaching services?

Patrick’s books are the crystallization of his years of experience and are designed to complement his coaching by providing a solid foundation of knowledge. When paired with one-on-one sessions, the books can deepen your understanding and allow for more advanced discussions and personalized strategy development.

What makes the “Be A Unicorn” series different from other entrepreneurship guides?

The “Be A Unicorn” series is tailored to mirror the uniqueness of every entrepreneur’s journey. It goes beyond generic advice to provide a comprehensive playbook that addresses the multifaceted challenges of entrepreneurship, offering a bespoke approach to achieving success in the modern business landscape.

Can I get a sample or preview of the books before purchasing?

Yes, previews for each book are available on our website. These samples provide a glimpse into the style and content of the books, allowing you to assess their relevance to your entrepreneurial journey before making a purchase.

How do I know which of Patrick’s books or services is right for me?

Consider where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. For those starting, “Ignite Your Dream” provides a foundational checklist, while “Failed? Fantastic!” is perfect for entrepreneurs facing setbacks. “Fueling the Fire” is aimed at those looking to prevent or overcome burnout. Our one-on-one strategy session can further personalize the recommendation based on your specific needs.

What is the focus of the upcoming book “Unicorn Rising”?

“Unicorn Rising” delves into the journey of creating a high-impact, sustainable business that can achieve the coveted Unicorn status. It focuses on innovation, leadership, financial acumen, and leveraging emerging tech trends to build a business that not only thrives economically but also contributes positively to society.